Silicon Power-256GB High Speed MicroSD Card with Adapter

Does it work? Still copying the data from the old card to my computer. I won’t know for a while, it gets around 50 MB/s. The old card is G.SKILL, they make good RAM. They don’t make a 256 GB micro SD card. I bought the cheapest one.

You can buy it on Amazon, I paid almost $80 after tax for it. The price went up, so after tax even closer to $80.

I’ll know soon if it really has more then 64 GB, the old card is mostly full. And I couldn’t copy all my demos to it. The write speed might suck though, pretty sure the G.SKILL has shitty write speed too.

Found a bug in my add on for Textpattern, it thinks this was posted in July. So the link has 07 in it, and when it searched, it can’t find it. Fixed it, a shitty fix though, “date_default_timezone_set(‘America/Los_Angeles’);”, should of got the value of what Textpattern is set to. I don’t plan on releasing it or moving, so who cares.

Don’t have 64 GB on the old card, you don’t get the full 64 GB. Only around 40 GB was on it. I have some other stuff to copy though, some demos are big.

Are fake cards less then 44 GB?

SX OS might get USB support, then I’ll need another USB drive, I could use the one for the Wii, but I might decide to play it someday.

Over 40 MB/s copying to it. And it’s copied over 15 GB. Usually the speed takes a dump by now.

I need more games, don’t want to spend anymore gold this month though.

It isn’t a 32 GB disguised as a 256 GB card. Copied more then 32 GB to it. And a 32 GB card won’t hold 32 GB.

Finished copying everything on the old card to it, now copying over 30 GB more to it.

Everything is on it, 80.7 GB worth of crap. Now to take another dump. Probably the fastest micro SD card I have. Possibly faster then my regular SD cards too. The write speed.

Card works with the Switch, SX OS loaded, and it shows my demos.