Phone or camera?

A phone would be cheaper, by about $20. A camera might be good for taking erotic pictures. I wouldn’t really use either of them.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III

That’s the camera I’d get. The Panasonic camera for $50 or so more, is good for video, but not so good for pictures. No RAW in all still modes on the Panasonic. Got to have RAW, better chance of fixing it. Also, bigger then JPGs, so it will eat up space. I keep the RAW files too. I don’t delete anything.

The phone would be the OnePlus 6. Assuming I can pay with PayPal. Don’t enter any payment info on their site, it was hacked for months, and they were told, and did nothing. Then I can print a picture of me, and use it to unlock my phone. Assuming black and white is good enough.

Could buy both, if I wait till I have $1,500. But then I’ll be over 2k in both accounts.