Nope, VM can't live stream at the same time

It gets a lying error, saying not enough VRAM. You have two options, ignore it and continue playing, or click OK and the game exits.

No idea why people think Windows is a great OS. It’s utter shit. How is the game still working, if there’s no more VRAM?

Two minutes, then I clicked OK on the dialog.

Is it VRAM or regular RAM? Most likely a lie either way. Freezes for a second, then you can play if you don’t click OK.

Just isolated the cores/threads. Probably won’t fix the RAM issue, but it might make the game run better. If it’s lying, then it could fix it, anything could.

Game runs better, but it got the memory error. Ignoring doesn’t work, more will popup, then it’ll minimize it, and your resolution will be 800×600.

Is my card defective? Not enough gold to buy a new one. Probably just buy a NVIDIA card and hope my bios boots with it. Not till I get my money.

My capture card should work now though. It won’t use the 8 cores/threads anymore. It’ll use the other 8. And I could probably stream at a higher resolution. Or not, thanks to my shitty ass upload.