No new NVIDIA GPUs for a long time

How long is that? No worries, I think I’ll get the AMD RX 580, it costs more then the 1060 6 GB, but has two more gigs of RAM. Or it could be the same price now, if you get one with two fans.

AMD doesn’t care if you use their cards in a VM, NVIDIA is butt hurt over it.

A review on the MSI 580, doesn’t know how to use the right word, and they use all caps. Most likely a defective card. That can happen with any brand.

Don’t buy Vega, you need at least a 750 watt PSU. No idea how big mine is. Might be less.

When do new AMD GPUs come out? That don’t require 750 watts of power for itself?

The 580 is a waste of money, only thing better is more VRAM, if you get the 8 GB one. The 1060 6 GB is better in more ways, better performance, more VRAM, and possibly a better driver. But there’s one major downside to buying NVIDIA, might be incompatible with my motherboard, I have a 1050, think it was the ti, and my motherboard wouldn’t post after updating the bios on the motherboard. I’d have to send the card back if it didn’t work, better read the return policy wherever you buy it. To much work.

Probably just need to isolate the cores and threads again. To lazy to do that. And then Linux doesn’t get access to them. You apparently can’t turn it on and off without rebooting.