No need to save $300 a month

Don’t plan on buying anything expensive. Phones are useless.

ClearClick HD Video Capture Stick

Does that have HDMI out? Otherwise there will be serious lag on your monitor, USB isn’t meant for video. Still might be fine for the Switch.

Review says no OBS support, yet it advertises as supporting it.

The review also claims Elgato works with OBS. Maybe sort of in Windows only. I wouldn’t pay $160 for a Windows only device. I would if it was Linux only.

MYPIN HDMI Game Capture Card USB 3.0 HD Video 1080P 60FPS, Live Streaming Game Recorder Device for PS4, Xbox One and Wii U etc, Compatible with Windows Linux Os X System

Should work fine with Linux, Windows not so much, unless you want to fuck with Windows.

That guy claims to be a tech. If he was, he would of fixed Windows. Unless he hates Windows.

There’s a Pyle that claims Linux support as well, no driver needed. Might buy it, even though I might only use it to record the Switch once. If I can play streaming content on it, I can record it. Now which one, $2 more or $2 less? I’ve heard of Pyle.

They are most likely the exact same device. Trying to buy the cheaper one, but Amazon’s site is being slow.

Good thing I have a long ass HDMI cable. Or just play it on my monitor.

Use it for Windows games too, if the VM performance is to shitty to do it. Use it either way, less likely to get FPS drops.

Damn it, they just charged me. Might not be able to cancel it now.