No modchip for me

Just read their FAQ, and clicked the Payment link, and sure enough their merchant account isn’t in the US.

Sweet, now I get to get charged a fee to transfer the money from Cash back to the bank. Thought US shipping, mean US charging too. Nope.

I just spent $0.68 to transfer my money back to my credit union.

You’d think they’d put that somewhere else, like on the checkout page.

Is there a reason everybody uses an international merchant account? I’ll just wait for the free CFW. Free and I don’t have to try and figure out how to pay for it. Not using my main debit card for any international purchase. You’ll have to leave it enabled until they decide to charge you. That means if the site gets hacked, say goodbye to your money.

ModChipsDirect may ship from the US, but they use an international merchant account. They should of made that more obvious, so I didn’t have to read their FAQ to find out. Most people will think US shipping, means US charging.

They saved me over $40 though. As I’m done trying to buy it.

No idea if posting a comment on the order page does anything. They might never see it. Enjoy the declined payment. There’s no money on the card, and it’ll never allow international purchases. You don’t get that in the US. Unless you want to get robbed.

Found a prepaid card, but the destination currency has to be different, so 100% useless. Visa requires you to go to some AAA location, whatever that is.