Need a bigger micro SD card

Damn Switch games are big. That’ll cost over $70. Anyone want my TV for $75? I’ll buy a cheap 4k one to replace it. Only if I sell it, which I won’t try very hard or at all, the picture looks fine on it. Best open box TV ever. Just adjust the settings, and it’s perfect.

Nice, you can get a 4k Insignia openbox for a little less then the new one. Tax so you might as well. The WiFi might die on it, that’s what the ethernet port is for.

Silicon Power-256GB High Speed MicroSD Card with Adapter

That’s about the cheapest real one you can get. I’m lazy, so I wouldn’t test the space on it, I’ll just copy more then 64 GB to it. A fake one might be less then 64 GB. I don’t care about the brand name. SanDick isn’t the best, you are paying for their name, I have a flash drive from them that has issues. Corruption or something. Now they are owned by Western Dick, I have two Western Dick drives. The brand for those doesn’t matter either, Toshiba runs hot though. I gave that drive to my mom for her Wii U. She had to buy a USB cable with two plugs one one end, apparently that drive is power hungry.

Now I barely saved any money in my checking. Still transferring $150 to my savings on Friday. Not buying a TV, tempting, but 1080p is fine. My original PS4 doesn’t do 4k. The only 4k I’d get, is the built in Roku or whatever.

To cheap to buy a 400 GB one, and only SanDick makes one.

When will Olympus release a camera that can use the faster SD cards? They use PCIe like NVME. Almost 1 GB/s. That’s when I’ll buy a new camera, one that is compatible with those new cards. I’ll probably get the cheapest card though.