Modchip pre ordered

Could take till the end of the month to get here though. Got the one with the USB dongle, and the tool. Guess those jigs I ordered were useless.

You can wait for free firmware. I’ll take the paid firmware.

They didn’t charge my Cash card yet.

There we go, just transfered more money into my savings. It collects free money, if you have money in it. Almost enough for the OnePlus 6.

The site I ordered from sucks, they made my password shorter, so it didn’t work. Instead of giving an error it’s to long, they just cut it.

Says they ship from the US, hopefully that means they charge from the US too, if not, it’ll be declined. Using PayPal debit card might work in that case. That’s the problem with not charging right away. Didn’t even authorize the card, no pending $1 or any charges.