Might of killed my Steam Controller

By trying to update the firmware in a Windows VM. I managed to make my computer completely freeze trying to do it. Problem is, updating USB devices, they show up as a different device while doing it, so you have to go on the host and remove something and re add it.

Turns out I already had Steam installed. Is it the Linux one, or installed by Wine?

Nice, you can’t break it. Also, had to relogin to Steam on my phone. To get access to the codes to login on my computer. Thought I already relogged it in. Maybe somebody did it on their phone. In that case, I need a new password, and phone number.

Click rollback firmware, it’ll say error, then unplug, and plug it back in, and click the button again. And it should be fixed after doing that.

Nope, not fixed, said update error again.

Controller is fine, the software sucks. After rolling back, unplug, and exit the controller settings, plug back in, and go to the settings again, and update the firmware.

Sweet, it works on my controller, I have a mouse cursor on it now.

Not sure the Steam Controller is the best choice for flying a drone, the PS4 controller is popular, or maybe it’s the 3. The Steam Controller only has one joystick.

Who knows if the app will support it anyways. Should of kept my MOGA controller, it had a thing to hold your phone.