Is there really any reason to upgrade to the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III?

I have the original one. Barely ever take video, so I don’t care if it does 4k. My phone can do 4k video.

Something is worst with the three then the two, don’t remember what.

They’ll have to do more to get me to shell out almost $600. I paid around $300 for mine refurbished. I might buy it refurbished for what I paid for the original one. But not a penny more.

You can enjoy your heavy full frame camera.

If you don’t use the screen, you’ll get better pictures for some odd reason. That would be one reason to upgrade, I think you can move the focus point in the viewfinder with the screen, mine has a touch screen, but you have to switch to the screen, and guess where you want to focus, then compose. Doesn’t have to be exact, as you can move the camera.