I know what I can buy

Nothing for me, just a Switch for my older sister’s kids. Problem is, by the time it’s Christmas, I’ll have over 2k in the bank.

Looks like I better be selfish and buy myself something before Christmas. If I time it right, I’ll have an extra $300 by Christmas.

But I should buy it now, because the stores might still have the original hardware, the new hardware won’t be exploitable.

Other problem is, they don’t have money for games. I’d have to buy a game too, that would be $360. Or find somebody else to buy games for it.

They might get it banned, if they hack it though, or I hack it for them. Better keep it original then.

What will I be selfish and buy? Maybe the OnePlus 6, it’s almost as fast as the iPhone SE. Apple has their event tomorrow. Maybe there will be a new iPhone SE. Won’t buy any iPhone, Apple doesn’t allow competition in their store, even if it isn’t really competing with Apple. How is Steam competing with the iOS app store? It’s mostly for streaming games from their PC. Yes you can buy games on Steam, with a lot Windows only, and therefore you can’t buy them on a Mac or iOS. Apple is a dick.