I can make a woman uninterested in a blink of an eye

Reject em all. Either by saying no, no thanks, or nothing.

Monitor might of just flickered. Is my refurbished card defective? Or is Linux defective?

Saying nothing is the best.

Another option is getting your head shaved, then a tattoo that says FU. Head is down most of the time, so they’ll be able to read it.

Yup monitor is flickering. Does zooming out in Opera cause flickering? That’s a lame bug. When can I buy a Intel GPU? A dedicated one that goes in my PCIe slot.

Good job Opera and/or AMD. Flickering might be gone, till I accidentally zoom out again.

On another note, one of the Opera apps for Android, will force close if you type s in the search thing. Was trying to type system76, type Google instead, then type system76 in Google. And the flickering is still there.