Honor View10

That’s the phone I’m getting. EMUI kind of sucks, it’s like an iOS clone. But who cares, it’s cheaper then the OnePlus 6, and the Razer phone. It’s $500 on Amazon.

It has a micro SD card slot too.

Nice, it has treble, so there’s custom ROMs for it already. Motorola intentionally shipped the X4 with an old Android, so they didn’t have to support that, fucking assholes.

Still like how the Razer phone looks, it’s only $100 more. Pretty sure it has treble too. You can install generic images, or something if it has treble. Probably not needed on the Razer, might be more similar to Android, instead of an iOS clone.

The View10 looks like the fingerprint sensor is on the front, that’s better, if you can use it for navigation, like on the Moto X4. Then you get more screen, no need for on screen navigation.

Apparently the OnePlus 6 is better. Except, no micro SD. The Razer has a better screen then the Honor.

Better go to the XDA forum for the OnePlus 6. See if there’s anything new on there. Does it have treble? Not much on the OnePlus 6 XDA forum.

Will the mirror black 128 GB be in stock in two months? It is right now. But they make a limited number of phones. Only the mirror black models are in stock. That’s still cheaper then the Razer phone.

OnePlus might not be worth anything, they had a trade in program, and they give you more then one voucher, you can use exactly one voucher when buying the new phone, so a hundred euros off, instead of 160.