EdgeRouter PITA to setup

What happens if somebody on my wired network changes their IP to outside of the defined range? You can’t block base on VLAN, you have to use 192.168.x.0/24. Made a group with all of them.

pfSense is way easier to setup, IPv6 is probably a massive pain. The web interface might not do IPv6 firewall rules.

The internet is faster though. The interface is slower then pfSense was in a VM though.

Nice, the AP has no IP.

I didn’t set it up from scratch, I used the wizard. You’d need a network degree without the wizard.

Might work now, edited a firewall rule, to accept DNS and DHCP. Odd that my phone gets an IP though. Still no IP.

Set the router IP in the DHCP setting. Still odd that my phone works.

Rebooted the router, shows up in the controller now. Still can’t SSH into the AP from my desktop. Rebooting computer might fix the SSH. Rebooting everything might do something.

The modem isn’t plugged into a battery backup port anymore, the AC adapter is to big, rather have the router plugged into the battery port.

And it says heartbeat missed now. So before the firewall is enabled, it works.

You need “Allow established/related” rules, now SSH works, and it shows on the controller. Probably allowing packets related to the other rules that were accepted, without it, there’s no rule, and it drops instead.

No networking degree, so I have no idea.

Somebody’s rule on their forum had that in it, it’s in the default rules it setup.

Oh yeah, you don’t need to make a network group with IPs to block an entire VLAN, just update the firmware, then select the network in the destination, instead of the address of the interface.

Should of updated the firmware before setting it up.

I bought it from Micro Center, cheapest, and no shipping advertised as expedited, unless you pay for faster shipping. The shipping was five dollars, five dollars less then all the other sites I looked at. Got here sooner then the lens I ordered from B&H too, B&H waited to ship it, so it took a week. The paid slow shipping was slightly faster.