Dumping my two games

Using WAINCartDumperNX.

On to the second game. Now I need to buy more games.

I should get SX OS soon, possibly on the 15th. Should of bought the Pro though, seeing as my jig is dead. Got to use the unsafe one.

And have to dump the first game again. It saves it to game.xci. It’ll overwrite it if you did it once.

Have to dump both games again. I/O error when copying the file. Might have to switch the micro SD card to my Samsung, if I can’t copy this time. Maybe 8 GB is to big. It’s exFAT.

Might of dumped both games to the same file. Apparently that’ll cause an I/O error. Nope, didn’t save to the same file, the other game is just bigger. Nice, it copied to my computer this time.

Copying my demos to the micro SD card, so they are on there when SX OS is released.

If the Switch goes to sleep, you have to hold the power button down, to turn it off, it won’t wake up. I was getting a game to put in it, and then it went to sleep.

Looks like I’m going to run out of space on my micro SD card. Boohoo. Almost $80 for a 256 GB one. I might buy it next month.