Can you use a Ubiquiti router with any switch?

For VLANs? I don’t need to configure the VLAN in one place, just need to add the two networks to it.

If you can’t, Ubiquiti is a dick. Forcing you to buy only their equipment.

I use pfSense in a VM, it doesn’t care about the brand of the switch. There’s downsides to the VM, like rebooting your computer reboots the router.

If you plan to utilize VLANs, now or in the future, you will need a smart/managed switch. Again, you can go with third party networking equipment and still use VLANs on your USG (or ER-X, should you decide to keep it). All Unifi Switches are smart switches.

Sweet, I don’t need to buy their switch, or worry about sending the router back. From here.

Looks like Ubiquiti really is king of networking. It’d be an ass move to not let me do that.

I like my Zyxel switch, it’s better then the shitty review made it sound. Said something about only guest VLANs, lies, you can setup VLANs that aren’t just a guest VLAN. I can have more then two or three VLANs. That’s the problem with paid reviews, the results on Google.