Call religion bat shit crazy

Get murdered. Now who’s the crazy one? I know what my killer looks like. He has a beard. No not Jesus, beard wasn’t big enough.

Just like the people in Afghanistan, they were telling people that their religion doesn’t say to use suicidal bombers.

Tell people what they know is true, them believing in crazy, and get yourself murdered.

Since I refuse to die, I’ll be sent back in time forever. It’s happened at least once.

Hard to say if any newer religion is true or not, they have a bunch of bullshit in em. More like a tool to brainwash a large number of people for generations to come. It’s an acceptable form of brainwash. Trump approves of North Korea’s brainwashing, and other human violations, like killing your own people with artillery, tying them to a back of a truck and driving around, all A OK to the Great USA.

And people wonder why no other president had a meeting with North Korea. They can play Trump like a fool.

Having a different opinion will get you murdered.