Will Windows activate on my Dell laptop?

I didn’t test Windows before wiping it and installing Linux. I suppose a file recovery program might get the Windows it had on the 1 TB drive back. Or part of it. If you are lucky.

It wasn’t connected to the internet in Windows, probably not even logged in or any account created.

Need to put Windows on it, more people are likely to buy it with Windows on it.

But I’m lazy, and the old 1 TB drive has to be wiped many times, so the data thief can’t steal anything. Not much to steal though.

Might not get $300 for it, you can buy it new for that much. If they don’t know anything about RAM or SSDs, then they wouldn’t pay that much.

Didn’t come with any restore discs.

I’m lazy, so I’ll probably just let it collect dust. Maybe I can trade it for food, once the majority of the US is melted with a nuke.