Who's FPS is that?

Fortnite didn’t use to show FPS when spectating. I’m guessing it’s the players, not mine. One person’s FPS is worse then mine, another person is a pretty steady 60, better then mine.

Probably neither in a VM. I don’t want to isolate the cores/threads, then Linux will be starved of cores.

Why the fuck did they add shopping carts to Fortnite? Is this a kids game or something? I’d play PUBG, but it’s even more lame, no team mode. They got rid of the 50v50 in Fortnite again, now it’s multiple 20v20, can’t remember how many.

Now to go shit again, or try to.

Also, once I get 1k in the bank, I’m buying a video card. Maybe new ones will be out by then. The max I’ll spend is around $300. That is 1k in my savings.

It’s my FPS, they just decided to show it when spectating now.