What you get if you tell somebody to hang their clothes in the closet

Stack em in the closet with hangers.

Still amazed that pictures are more in focus if you use the viewfinder. Don’t even need to magnify anything. Just need to look through one window on my glasses, if you don’t use glasses, you can’t see it very well. No need to completely touch the viewfinder with your glasses.

There is a thing to change it, so it might work without glasses.

How the fuck am I supposed to use a viewfinder when taking a nude picture of myself? The screen is defective, and so is my phone.

Is that the Vivitar 28mm lens? Probably.

Added it to the Vivitar 28mm album.

Makes sense the viewfinder works better, don’t think film cameras had a shitty screen, just a viewfinder.

If you zoom in, why does the left look odd? Out of focus, or soft, or noisy, or all of the above.