What's wrong with the dog?

One of the dogs threw up at my mom’s. Probably Tonka, she wouldn’t eat very much of her dinner, and there was a lot of puke. Think Sofie was downstairs.

When we got home, she ate some of the food that’s been sitting in her dish.

Is it the medicine that the vet said is a fantastic drug? Or is it the dog food she just ate? Or because my mom doesn’t have the same dog food? Same brand now. Could be the old food she had, none of them would eat it, the last day she ate that, she was eating everybody else’s food. Same brand doesn’t mean same food, they make more then one kind.

I could get my money back for the food most likely. Not sure the food is the problem. She might just be to hot, the A/C is working normally, according to the maintenance guy.

She just ate the rest of her food.

Maybe I should only feed her at home. She can feed her dogs after I leave. She probably won’t try to eat their food. If I put food in a bag to take with me, the other dogs will want it. Sofie will, she wanted Chibi’s special food.

Maybe the food I bought fills her up. Or she just likes it better, and was waiting to come home, she remembered she had food in her dish still.