Walmart app sucks

No copy and paste supported when signing in. Random password? Enjoy typing it in manually. Morons. Need the app, so I can tell them when I get there, to pickup the dog food I ordered.

The other KeePass Android app is broken.

Haha, figured out how to paste, type one letter, and then select it, and then do paste.

Same brand as the stuff she doesn’t like, just cheaper, and only one kind of meat in it. She likes the cheaper Rachael Ray.

Pickup is better then going inside Walmart. If you go to the right one, you can park in the pickup area, and they bring it out.

Don’t click the notification, you might check in if you do. Now they’ll be waiting hours for me to get there. All because their app is shit. Still says processing in the app, also says I have to go inside.