Tired, hard to yawn, and take deep breaths

Tired as soon as I wake up. The breathing might of magically gotten better, after she said she was going to make me an appointment. No need to go then. The appointment will be in a month or longer. I must of picked the worst doctor.

Now there’s a weird feeling somewhere. Slightly under my chest maybe. I won’t agree to a sleep study, this is during the day. I only woke up once with trouble breathing, and I might of been sick. Also, the dog will wake me up before I die. I’ll wear a mask during the day though.

It could be a serious case of allergies, the allergy medicine wasn’t doing anything. I have a nose spray, it doesn’t do anything either.

Oh and if I faint, the dog will wake my neighbors up, most likely, by howling. Probably just so fat it’s suffocating me.

That’s a weird ass feeling. Feels like liquid or something. Now I can feel stuff going in my stomach? Sweet, everything else is subdued.

If you yawn when you need more oxygen, I need a shit load more of oxygen. I don’t yawn in my sleep, that I’m aware of. Sleeping is a better solution.