There's a free Pokemon RPG for the Switch

You probably need the latest firmware. Will it be easy to make the WiFi disabled in the CFW but not the original firmware? You might have to disable in original, reboot into CFW, then when done reboot back into the original firmware and enable it again.

Actually, might be time to sell the Switch.

One Switch emulator can run Sonic Mania at full speed.

Isn’t C# a Microsoft thing? Yup, you need .NET crap to compile, probably Mono in Linux. Interesting, Microsoft has Linux builds. Off to the AUR. Oh yeah, I need to find Sonic Mania. The demo.

Linux isn’t currently recommended, so it probably won’t work.

It compiled. But it’s flickering. Probably need to kill Compton or whatever it’s called. Nope, the Linux version is broken. At least with the open source AMD driver.

And I thought there was permanent flickering on the desktop, it’s the background image, messing with my testicles in my eye sockets. Rebooted and it still looks like it’s flickering, but only on the desktop.

The Pokemon RPG doesn’t come out till next year.