The old anti net neutrality folks won't live forever

Pretty sure I already posted about that, once or twice. Probably hidden now.

No need to care what happens to the internet, once they are out of office, younger people will be in, and can fix it.

Old people apparently don’t understand how the internet is just as important as phone lines. And there’s a problem with how much it costs in the US, no competition, you get to overpay for shit. Oh and you don’t qualify for the cheaper internet, if you already have internet from Comcast. It’s a dick move. I can be a dick too though, give my neighbor the money, and setup a WiFi router in her apartment. Problem solved, and Comcast got screwed. With their pathetic terms.

Why can’t the internet cost that much for everybody? Because Comcast is a dick.

I’m on a contract, only because it’s faster then the cheaper internet, and only $30 a month. I’ll consider canceling it when the contract is over.