The Moto X4 would be a good phone

If it didn’t have a shitty OS called Android on it. Might as well blame Google, it’s still Android.

Some stuff I do is fast, and some isn’t. Android doesn’t do anything properly. Pure Linux is better, Google screwed Linux up with Android.

You shouldn’t have to spend $530 on a phone, to do tasks a $350 iPhone SE can do without any trouble. The iPhone is even less if you buy the prepaid one. Good idea, buy an iPhone SE, and kiss Google’s shitty OS goodbye forever.

Can I waive the $25 fee, if I add a free line to my mom’s account? It’s free, so don’t use the SIM. Or cancel my line afterwards. Or give somebody free cell service.

If I buy an iPhone, I can’t load the exploit from my phone for the Switch, then I’ll need the Pro chip. That answers that, if there’s no $200 with US warranty Android phone, no more Android. It has to be better then the X4. Should be as good as the iPhone SE. Good luck. Benchmark wise, no Android phone is. Looks like I’ll be getting the Pro, so I’m not forced to keep Android up my ass.