Still no pfSense on the ESPRESSObin

Somebody on their forum claimed they got it booting, but only silence now.

On their forum, they said something about the ClearFog, but their downloads only lists AMD64 and Netgate.

I don’t want to switch my router OS again. Also, don’t want to spend $400 or more on a PC capable of running it.

Looks like OpenWrt is cheaper. Don’t know how to configure VLANs in it.

And the ESPRESSObin is a pain to setup. Guess I’ll just leave pfSense in a VM. Wait till I have $400, and assemble another computer. No having to fiddle with OpenWrt.

You can get a Intel computer with more then one ethernet port, for under $400. Don’t want Intel.

ECS LIVA Z Mini PC Intel N4200 Fanless Dual LAN 4K UHD Display 4GB DDR3L RAM 32GB eMMC around $206. Does pfSense support it’s ethernet ports? That’s almost $200 less then AMD. That POS Intel comes with everything you need.

The eMMC doesn’t show up in Untangle. You might be able to get it to show up, if you know what you aren’t doing. Ubuntu sees it, but pfSense doesn’t. Cloning pfSense to the eMMC obviously doesn’t work. You probably need a driver. Nobody replied to the forum post.

Says it only supports Windows and Ubuntu. That means Ubuntu might have a non open source driver to see the eMMC. You’ll need to dig around Ubuntu to find it.

Buy it anyways, and dig in the bios to see if anything can be changed to make it work. Disable the security thing, something I read mentioned that. If nothing in the bios makes it work, buy a cheap M.2 SATA SSD.