Some sites recommend the Moto X4 for $400

I’d never pay that much for any Lenovo phone. I’d have to get my phone replaced again, for IPv6 compatible WiFi. How many times do you have to get it replaced?

I’ll be sure to never buy a Lenovo phone again.

Just enabled IPv6, can’t remember if I tested it after not giving my phone an IPv6 on the LAN and the wireless VLAN.

How long to disconnect?

Maybe it was the router. Old phone might of been fine too, in that case.

Still won’t buy Lenovo phones.

Must wait a long time to disconnect, just like with IPv6 disabled. Was a router problem. VLANs make everything a pain. If you don’t disable DHCP on the LAN interface, then everything will be on LAN too, and can communicate most likely. Or not. And the phone might get confused and think the WiFi doesn’t work, because the LAN interface isn’t configured.

Still funny that they replaced it without any debugging, resetting it is all you need to do to get a replacement, tell them you already did that.

I had to reboot the router VM for my phone to get an IPv6 address.