Some people don't believe you when you say Panasonic makes good glass

Cheaper then Olympus, and good enough for me. I’m not paying $300 to compare my $130 open box Panasonic to it. Based on price, the Olympus probably is better.

I paid more money on manual Canon FD lenses then the Panasonic lens I got. That was a waste of money. They are all going to be sold at a yard sale. Don’t care how much I get, better then eBay fees, and shipping.

If I had an extra $600, I’d buy this Panasonic lens. Got to zoom in my bum. I buy what nobody believes. I had a super zoom Panasonic, it had a good lens on it.

Actually, it’d be cheaper to buy a Panasonic super duper zoomer.

That lens has it’s own image stabilization. Probably would need to turn camera’s off, if I wanted to use the lenses. Which is better?

I’d buy Fujifilm, because I like the name, but their cameras cost to much, and the lens even more. I like the word Fuji. That’s a good enough reason to buy them. Also, most people know nothing about them, and claim they suck. Yet, they’ve never used one, or taken pictures with one. The people that own Fujifilm, tend to love the pictures they get.

But be cheap and buy a refurbished Olympus body, and use Panasonic lenses. Lucky for me, micro four thirds can use any micro four thirds lenses, I have a Yi lens too. Surprisingly good, it was $30 less then my Panasonic, used on eBay. I’d recommend buying all lenses open box or lightly used.

Screw a Switch mod chip, once M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm f4.0-5.6 R (Black) (Reconditioned) that comes back in stock, I’m buying it. Only $60.

Yes, I’m to cheap to pay $40 more for a new one.

That $600 lens takes good pictures. Didn’t know that had enough zoom for the moon. That lens is worth more then my camera.

Look at the Olympus pictures on Amazon in the reviews, no need for the $600 one, unless you want moon pictures.

I don’t like waiting, so I might shell out $100 for it. On the 1st, think that’s Friday.