Some jerk is blasting their singing outside

Another reason I need to move. I should blast my music, and see how they like it.

Is it singing, or a stereo? Singing either way.

I should buy a microphone, and sing shit while they sing. Or blast porn.

If they damage my hearing, I’ll sue em.

Is it loud enough? Blasting the jerk out. Might damage my ears though.

There we go, play Helloween.

If somebody complains, they should complain about the singer outside, they are blasting too.

If you turn the bass up, you can’t hear em. That’s one loud ass bass, and it’s not a separate subwoofer. Turned it down, that’ll damage my hearing.

Turned it down. But you know what would really piss em off? If I opened the window, cranked the bass up. Drown out their singing, all people will hear is my music, instead of the singer. They’d probably turn their speakers up. Then I’d have to use my real subwoofer. Or both.