Should of kept my Panasonic lens

It was a good lens, especially for the price. I could rebuy it, think it sells for $150.

Rather get a $300+ lens. Or a new camera, if the price is low enough.

I could easily sells my lens adapter.

$550 is cheap enough for a new camera. The newest OM-D E-M10. To bad no refurbished ones on their site. They have the one before the newest one, no 4k on that though.

Is 25mm low enough? That’s only $300. Says all around. Will it be $300 on the 1st? It’s $230 used.

Look at the pictures taken with that. It’ll be time to sell my $150 lens adapter. Just think if you use the viewfinder with an auto focus lens. Viewfinders are good for idiots, it forces you to aim the camera differently. Apparently using the screen will result in shitty pictures.

What camera are they using? None of my lenses can compete with that.