She thought her TV stuff was broken again

She must of forgot she uses an antenna. The antenna was on the floor. And there was a storm last night, neither help. My recordings from last night have issues. Cutting out or something, there’s green in the video, when it cuts out.

That’s why I said to put a shelf by the window, and put the antenna on it. Or get a long cable, and put the HDHomeRun and antenna on the shelf that’s in there.

Doesn’t really matter, she leaves her computer on, without a surge protector, eventually it’ll get fried. Apparently buying a new computer every time a surge knocks it out, is cheaper then paying an electrician to put a three prong outlet in the office. Using a surge protector with a three prong to two prong adapter is most likely useless. You can screw it down, and hope it’s grounded, you need a tester to find out.