She taught the baby a new word

She said “oh fuck” and then the baby did.

And she was getting mad at me for singing the old MC. Donald song to him in the car, because it sounded like he said fuck when I asked what was on the farm. I didn’t tell him or suggest he say fuck.

Somebody should of yelled at her for actually saying fuck in front of him.

To many hypocrites in this world, basically every human is.

She doesn’t know what free will is, he could say anything when you ask him what’s on the farm. Might of been saying frog. She should take some medicine, or not, since she drinks every night.

Good idea, start drinking every night till I pass out. I’ll be passed out, so I won’t be able to take my useless medicine. Once I get enough brain damage, I won’t even know what medicine is.

Should of said “You want to hear fuck? How’s that? Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck this bullshit”. Now he’s got another word in his arsenal.