Probably won't buy a new phone

The newest E-M10 might be cheaper then the OnePlus 6. It’s $550, don’t know how much the new phone will cost.

Does the newest E-M10 have a better viewfinder?

It does 4k, probably won’t use the video though, it’s a pain with a manual lens.

I don’t care about selling the old one, I’ll gladly keep it, if nobody offers me anything. I won’t try to sell it. It’s a good backup camera. They need a Dirty Camera song.

My sister might want it. She can get a auto focus lens for not very much, get the Panasonic 17mm that I sold. Or she can have my Chinese manual lens. Might be a pain though, unless the baby stays the same distance at all times.

The screen might not be defective on the new E-M10. Maybe I won’t need the viewfinder.