Probably not buying a new CPU

Whatever comes out next I might buy. I get a steady 60 FPS, drops a little when skydiving.

Still not smooth, stuttering or something, while it’s at 60 FPS. Slow motion maybe, don’t know what it’s called. Annoying though.

Don’t use qemu-patched, it apparently makes games run worse, no wonder the patches aren’t included in the non patched version.

Cores/threads aren’t isolated either. That could get rid of whatever it’s doing. But I like Linux having access to all cores/threads.

Maybe the default 60 FPS limit is to low. Instead of increasing it, which would cause even more tearing, increase the stupid settings.

Oh wait, Origin isn’t running in the background anymore. That’s sad if that was causing FPS drops. It is shit, so not surprising. Good job EA, with your shitty wannabe store. Buy the next Battlefield for the PS4. Lots of sexist men don’t like women being in it.

Probably shouldn’t update my bios, that might cause FPS drops. MSI is capable of fucking anything up. They won’t let me select the boot GPU. Their video cards are fine though.