That says it has in body stabilization. Does anybody sell just the body for less then $600?

The answer is probably no. Maybe on eBay. $450 on eBay. Probably not an authorized seller.

There’s a bundle on eBay for $600, grip and two lenses. Are they really an authorized seller? They need to be authorized if you want a valid warranty.

Lumix G Vario 45-150mm

Why does that cost more then the Olympus lens? Isn’t Olympus supposed to be God? Well, I paid $130 for my 25mm, might as well pay $150 for a zoom. But Olympus is cheaper.

Can I use the image stabilization on the lens and my camera at the same time? If I had the GX85, then most likely. Not with my Olympus. I’ll just buy the Olympus lens then, save $50.

And Amazon mixed reviews from a bunch of different lenses on the same page. Making the reviews useless. Was trying to find pictures taken with the Panasonic. I found pictures taken with the 25mm, which I own.

This lens is affordably priced and takes good sharp photos, but I am having trouble with focus in the higher mm range. When using in the 75 to 150mm range, the lens wants to focus on the distant object in the background and I have great difficulty in getting the lens to auto focus on the object of interest. I have resorted to manual focus in the higher telephoto range.

On B&H. No tap to focus on their camera? First tap on the screen, then use the viewfinder. I think newer cameras, you can drag your finger on the screen when you are looking down the viewfinder, at least on newer Olympus cameras, don’t know about Panasonic.

Says sharp, a review on the Olympus says it’s only good between 50mm-100mm. Is the Panasonic sharp at 150mm? Only one way to find out, buy it, point it up my bum, and zoom in.

Selling a bunch of old lenses at my mom’s yard sale, might as well get the Panasonic, after I see how much I get at the yard sale.

I think the Panasonic lens has a focus ring, so if the touch screen focusing doesn’t work, put the camera in manual focus.