PANASONIC 25/1.7 ASPH LENS smokes all of my manual lenses

It’s way sharper, at F4, didn’t try any other apertures, I don’t use the best it does. That’s what a flash is for.

The Canon FD adapter, will be sold on eBay. The lenses at my mom’s yard sale. All that stuff was a waste of money. Waste of time trying to get a sharp picture with lenses not even meant for my camera.

The dog is in a bad spot to take her picture.

Google wants to fix the brightness on that picture, I tapped it, and that’s not what it looks like in my apartment, it isn’t that bright. I can do the same with AfterShot Pro. Or increase the flash to the max.

The subject looks fine though. Who cares about the carpet.

Canon FD lenses might be better with the $400+ adapter. I wouldn’t spend that much on an adapter. I would on a lens made for my camera though. Is the Olympus really any better then the Panasonic? I paid $130 for my Panasonic, open box, slow shipping from B&H, said it shipped Friday, I got it today a week later.

What’s the point in advertising the aperture? A F1.7 lens at F4, will probably let more light in then a F2.8 lens at F4. In other words, buy the brightest lens you can, and step it down. Even my cheap Chinese lens lets more light in then my manual lenses.

Comparing lenses by just their aperture might be pointless. Would be interesting to see what the Olympus 25mm does at the same aperture, and the same subject. I’m not spending $300 to find out though.

Don’t buy a $150 Canon FD adapter, just buy the Panasonic 25mm lens instead.

There is one lens I haven’t really tested with the adapter, it’s a zoom lens. I can get a Olympus zoom lens for under $200 I think, sometimes it’s only $100. Probably not as much zoom. At least you don’t need a $150 adapter.

I knew the Panasonic would be good, I stupidly sold a 17mm Panasonic.

If I wasn’t lazy, I’d put the adapter on eBay. That means putting it in a box, weighing it, taking pictures. Maybe I’ll just leave it in my backpack.

Bokeh at F4.