One hacked Wii U

I used my shitty Intel Dell laptop. I should probably still sell it. The card reader is USB 2.0 speed only. Unless that card is slow. Didn’t look at the packaging.

Just looked at it on Amazon, up to 100 Mb/s. The read speed might be slower then the write speed, in my laptop’s card reader.

Oh and if they open an app, they might brick it. You’ll need a hardware mod to restore the NAND backup.

Mario Kart 8 looks just fine on the Wii U, I doubt it looks better on the Switch.

The USB drive I brought over doesn’t work, she needs a Y cable, it needs more power, the drive isn’t powering up. It’s a 1 TB slow Toshiba 2.5” drive in an enclosure. I have no need for the drive, I have a Seagate 1 TB portable drive, and I think it works on the original Wii, with only one cable.

Probably should of kept it on the firmware it was on, one before the latest. But you get to skip a step if you are on the latest. The update servers should be blocked now. I might be getting my Nintendo account banned. My mom’s and sister’s might get banned too. For hacking the Wii U. The DNS blocks the eShop. It says to change the DNS first, and then says you need to buy a game from the eShop, I tried and it failed to connect. Had to use auto DNS, and then I could buy a game. Might not of read everything, but that was step 1.