Might need to pay for PS Plus soon

The Arcade in Far Cry 5 is online. Even if you do solo. It has to download the map, don’t know if you are actually playing on a server in solo. If you win, you get 1000 in game money, and one perk. That might be faster then hunting.

Good idea, don’t play the story anymore, just collect money, so I can buy everything. Except, you need to do the story to unlock stuff to buy. And some stuff is only given after defeating a psychopath.

Escaping from John’s bunker is a pain. Can’t imagine any of the other people being easy either. Mostly have to run. Except, before you get to the end of the bunker, there is one spot you have to kill a bunch of em. Don’t run in the middle when you are trying to get out of the bunker, you’ll die every time. Don’t bother looting or collecting guns, just use a bat. A pistol is fine before then, but when you run out of ammo at the end, don’t try getting more, just run and bat.