Might buy a new CPU once I have 1k in my savings

The almost $300 one.

Probably won’t buy a new phone until Xiaomi comes here officially. Popular brand in other countries. That won’t happen till next year at the soonest. By then the Linux phone will be available.

Should be able to compile using all threads with the new chips. To lazy to see if my CPU is still under warranty, and send it to AMD. That’s the only thing wrong with it. Also, a new CPU might help the VM too. If it’s clocked higher, which it probably is.

I won’t buy an iPhone, now that Apple rejected the Steam Link app. I’m sure there’s other remote desktop apps in Apple’s App Store. What stopping somebody from using one of those apps to access Steam? If Apple wants to be a dick, they won’t get any money from me.

Also a Linux phone would be better then an iPhone.

Amazon has my CPU for about $250. A new one shouldn’t have the Linux compiling bug. If it does, you’ll have a CPU to use while you wait for a replacement.

Or buy the AMD RX 580. Costs more though.

A new motherboard would be cheaper. Then I can ditch my buggy MSI board. Some bios updates, changes the boot GPU. You can’t specify which card to boot with.

Don’t buy a OnePlus phone, they ruined their reputation. Their site was hacked for months, and did nothing. Pretty sure somebody told them, and they didn’t even check their site to see if it was hacked, until months later. I wouldn’t recommend putting anything of value on their phones. Probably sends it back to them. Somebody could slip malware into their ROM, and they wouldn’t know or care.