Maybe I should buy a portable air conditioner

Then turn the crappy one off, or to fan only. Or not, it’s loud as fuck. How loud are portable ones? As loud as a half ass working one?

Almost $300. Look for a smaller one. It only needs to cool my computer down. The crappy one sort of does that, but resets to 80 constantly, requiring me to manually turn it down. It’s normal, so they won’t fix it.

Do they have the possibility of leaking? If so, not worth the risk. Might destroy something.

No bucket to empty, it evaporates. It’s only $200 on Walmart. Buy that to save my computer when the A/C kills itself?

And you probably have to remove the screen, I might drop it three stories down trying to remove it.

Also, if the window is to small, or to big, the thing you put in the window won’t fit. Looks like free half ass working A/C for me.

In that case, make a device that will click the down button every time it resets. To automatically turn it down to 71. After it resets to 80F. You need computer vision, click one, if it says it’s set for 80, then click it till it says 71. That’s more practical then a portable A/C.