Make The Internet Great Again

Also in my dream, I canceled my internet. Depending on what bullshit monopoly ISPs do, that may happen. I don’t care about the contract, they screw it up, they get no money from me. Then I’ll go from zero credit to negative credit. I didn’t sign up for whatever they change it to. So I’ll take em to an invisible court, with invisible lawyers, and invisible money, and claim they scammed me, by changing my service that I didn’t sign up for.

AT&T is trying to get the supreme court to get rid of the FTCs regulation on broadband. That’s who the FCC claimed would regulate broadband.

ISPs are dicks.

Why are phone lines regulated? The internet is used for communication too. Lots of people don’t have a landline anymore.

Yes ISPs should be allowed to do whatever they want, so they can rip their customers off even more, do any anti competitive stuff they want as well. Because the internet isn’t needed, it’s like cable TV, you don’t actually need it. So everybody can just cancel, and kiss the internet goodbye. Only rich people will have the internet.

And then when all the old people are out of office, the ISPs will be getting lots of fines, after they pass net neutrality. Maybe their lobbying will be outlawed if it involves money.

All the big ISPs will flee the country, and there won’t be any internet anymore. No cell service either.