Jacob Seed is dead in Far Cry 5

Didn’t even mean to start the last mission, it was almost to the max reputation, and I did just enough to make it happen.

I don’t think you have to do all the missions, if you get the meter all the way up.

Killing Jacob isn’t hard, if you use the survival drug, I used it more then once. I had 5, because I never use em.

Also, this game is way to short, the John meter is almost maxed too. The one with the most stuff left to do is Faith. Oh yeah, and I think I skipped getting captured or drugged or whatever by her, by leaving her area. It’s the part of the game I hate, making me do something.

The bunker is kind of a pain, but funny once you reach the guy. He goes kind of crazy. I did die at least once to get to him, then I died while escaping, but the guy revived me.

They think they can kill me if their master can’t. The game is in my favor, the reason people play it. The bots will never understand.

Does that mean the peggies aren’t in this area anymore? Now I can hunt in peace, and get lots of money. So you only have to liberate one place, then you can work on owning everything, guns, accessories for the guns, helicopters.

He tricked me into killing Eli. Didn’t even see them, just shot everybody I saw. You’ll probably fail the mission if you don’t shoot him. Took Jacob a long time to die, he said a bunch of stuff before finally dying.

When you are fighting Jacob, you get none of your buddies. It’s all alone. Going in the bunker is the same. Until you escape.