I need to stop the Pocket Minecraft Server

It’s useless, no red stone, and no TNT. The reason he doesn’t use it. If PMMP doesn’t add either, it’ll remain useless.

I already stopped my ARK server, since I haven’t been playing it anyways.

There is no official server for Pocket Minecraft. If there is, it’s probably Windows only. You can pay for a realm, that’s cheaper then my server.

DragonProxy, wait a second, that’ll allow me to use the Java server? That’ll solve the problem. Use the official Java server, and tell them to connect to the proxy.

Make sure you turn cheats off if you use that. Red stone “mostly” works. Might be buggy.

No creative inventory

Kind of useless without that. Oh well. I’ll probably do nothing, because I’m lazy. Also, that Proxy might need to be on your computer. Not the server itself.

You can run it on the server. Still no inventory is useless.

Good job Microsoft, making two versions of the same game, incompatible with each other. They didn’t make the Java version, they bought it.

It’s stopped, and the firewall rules removed. No point in it until red stone works.