Hengyijia 25mm F1.8 DISCOVER Manual Lens

If you change the aperture to f5.6, it’s sharp in the center. To bright at f4, with a flash.

Lowering the aperture more on the Vivitar, with the $150 adapter, should make it sharper. It has an advantage, the entire picture is sharper, except for the center. So I’ll have to decide between sharp center, or the rest of it being sharp.

The adapter isn’t really worth $150, if the center isn’t sharp.

More pictures here.

Taken with the Vivitar 28mm. Finally got the Made in USA text sharper. You have to sit on the ground, get close, and point the camera correctly.

Stupid manual lens will teach me how to aim the stupid camera. The sun from outside was messing pictures up, on the Vivitar, the UV filter can’t be removed, the entire top of the lens gets removed instead.

More pictures with the Vivitar here.

I should sell the Chinese lens. If somebody buys it, they can have the B+W or whatever UV filter, it cost like $30, the lens was $85.99.

Of course I use Piwigo.com, that’s the most convenient, if using Linux, I have a Python script to upload all my pictures in a folder. Google Photos, you have to use a web browser, to much work. I only have to open a terminal and type ./upload_pics.sh. No I can’t remember how to use the Python script, the shell script calls it. With the full command, so I don’t have to remember shit.

Never released that script, probably won’t either.