Good job Cash

Declined my payment, was trying to preorder something. Must not do international purchases. That’s a bummer. No way to buy it then. Most likely would be declined on my debit card too.

Nice, now their site logs me out when logging in. Was going to pay with coins of some kind. Looks like I got banned, for declined payments.

Well, fuck this reality. Can’t buy it. No card will let me, the credit union canceled my payment. They called too. Changing my bank soon. I try to use it, and it gets canceled. Morons.

If I don’t call the morons back, they might decline all payments this weekend too. No toilet paper, because they are fucking morons. I’ll just write a check, fuck em. Then change my bank.

And Google voice mail is useless, if you setup voice mail on your shitty cell provider. If the call is rejected, then the message will be on your cell provider, not Google.

I don’t care about wiping my ass enough to call em. I’d rather switch my money holder. Got to update my address with social security anyways, in case they hire another dick that delivers my mail who knows where. might work.