Go camping?

With who? Myself? Sounds like a good way to get murdered. The doctor asked if I liked camping, and said I should go.

Also, it would have to be somewhere not 80+ degrees outside. The dog would have to go. And she can’t be in 80+ weather for a day or two.

Better off going to a cabin in the woods. If you’ve seen Family Guy, you know what’ll happen.

If you encode two videos at a time, and use your browser, the CPU will hit 46C. And that’s only 8 threads/cores. The other are isolated from the host, so Windows can use em. I should undo that, Windows doesn’t need em. I don’t need Windows.

I wonder if it’s hotter then 72F by my computer. My thermometer says around 72F, almost 73F. That’s right above the A/C.

Around 20 FPS for one encoding. Probably about the same for the other one, I can’t see anything for the second one, it ran automatically from Mythtv. Not in a terminal, not in a screen.

Camping is a good way, to go back home to nothing, all belongings stolen, even your underwear.