Enjoy voice mail

Removed the SIM card from my phone, now I have zero cell service, unless I put it back in. I can still make emergency calls, you don’t need a SIM card or service for that.

Mostly debt collectors, spammers, and scammers call me anyways. The only real call, is somebody who taught me to be pissed off. She’ll get pissed no matter what you do, tell her why you are, she’s pissed, don’t respond, she’ll assume and be pissed.

She’ll be pissed no matter what you do, so don’t waste your time talking to her. She doesn’t really want to talk to me anyways. She can enjoy her life with her fantastic ex. Who divorced her for something she didn’t do. No idea why hanging out with her ex would make her happy. I’d never speak to any ex if I had any.

You don’t need to go to the store. Just stop taking your medicine, and you won’t need to eat anymore. That means no shitting anymore either. You’ll save lots of money. Spend your time sleeping. That’s more productive then being pissed.

Oh yeah, and leaving a voice mail on my Cricket number, I’ll never know, you need Cricket service to use their app.

Need to cancel the server for this site, before it expires. I’ll be homeless soon, and won’t have internet. Lots of money, but nothing to spend it on. Anyone want a dog?

There’s no law that says I have to communicate with society.

Nope, I don’t care about the last package that is coming soon. One of them is for her. Don’t care about a container to put dog food in. I’ll just use the bag. Going in her car isn’t worth it. They will most likely charge her, if nobody picks it up. They can try charging me, but good luck, I won’t give them a dime.