Elementary OS works on my laptop

Faster then Manjaro, probably because I had the Gnome Manjaro on it. The touchpad is kind of twitchy. Can’t remember what I installed to fix that in Manjaro.

Synaptics is most likely what I had to install. Whatever it’s using by default, doesn’t work well with my Dell laptop, better then the default in Manjaro though.

Nice, might of fixed the touchpad, but killed the keyboard. I’ll have to reinstall, to lazy to fix it. And I’ll probably look for a different distro. Ubuntu based blows ass, Mint is probably good enough, that might be based on Ubuntu too, there might be a Debian option.

Mint is downloading, might be based on newer Ubuntu. Or at least I might be able to install synaptics without installing something that removes the keyboard driver.

Who slowed kernel.org down? Oh yeah, net neutrality will be gone soon. Comcast can do whatever they want. States are passing tougher net neutrality laws.

It’s faster then elementary OS, but I upgraded the kernel, which killed the touchpad.

To fix the touchpad, switch back to the synaptics driver, following these instructions. After doing so, click ctrl atl backspace. No need to edit the config file, the Mint settings works fine. Didn’t change the driver back, unless it does once I reboot.