Don't use qemu-patched

One of the patches causes freezing in games. The last freeze, I had to shut Windows down, couldn’t close anything. Windows was able to shut itself down, just not change programs or anything. Didn’t try logging out. Task manager wouldn’t open.

Can’t reboot computer or restart the router VM, something is downloading slowly. The old QEMU is in the RAM.

Now to reboot the router anyways. Might have to start the download, can’t use it till next month at the earliest anyways. Might pony up money so I can download at full speed.

I just paid $6 to download one file. Not the slow site I was originally downloading from, they don’t mention payment methods, an FAQ that makes zero sense. The other site didn’t either, registered, and luckily they have PayPal.

I wouldn’t be surprised if isolating the cores/threads again would get rid of all stuttering now. Software problem, the patches make it run worse.